Our Light Show is unmatched! We use all CHAUVET LED and LASER LIGHTING. We have 2 – Elans, KintaX, DerbyX, Vue3, Vue 4, DJBANK, 4Bar, 2- Eclipse, 4HEAD RED AND GREEN LASER SYSTEM, MEGAMOON. Also a HURRICANE 1300 FOG MACHINE. More lighting added constantly. Now we have the NEW O’ BEAST and MAYHAM!  These combinations allow a romantic to club setting atmosphere.


The élan™ features 224 LEDs that create beams, which rotate and crisscross, and mid-air effects. A 70° beam angle allows wide room and floor coverage. The élan™ offers four channels of DMX control (red, green, blue and strobe), with a plethora of preprogrammed color changes and patterns. Separate knobs control sound sensitivity for movement and color independently, allowing for a variety of show options.


Compact and lightweight, the LED-fitted Kinta™ X can fill a room with sharp beams and more output and broader coverage than conventional derby effects. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage is a snap with combinations of red, green and blue. The derby effect Kinta™ X is linkable to other X series fixtures that share the X Bracket, plus the LED Mushroom™.


The Eclipse™ adds an exciting red and green laser star field to a deep blue, high power LED aura effect. The independently controllable lasers with the fully dimmable LED illumination create an awe-inspiring look that is equally effective with or without fog.


The VUE™ 3.1 series is a groundbreaking line of highly portable, DMX-controllable LED-fitted beam effects. The Vue™ 3.1 moonflower effect comes with blackout/static/strobe and offers individual control of red, green and blue LEDs within each of its numerous clusters. The Vue™ 3.1 offers automated and sound-activated programs via DMX. The hanging bracket is adjustable with sliding side rails. An internal sensor and Autoswitching feature automatically adjusts to the proper voltage.


The VUE™ 4.1 is a groundbreaking line of highly portable, DMX-controllable LED-fitted beam effects. The Vue™ 4.1 incorporates a controllable LED “S” shaped array, a compact and functional case design with adjustable bracket and a digital control display eliminating the need for dipswitches.


The O-Beast™ produces enormously wide beams that are four times wider than the beam from a traditional derby effect light. This four-channel DMX-512 LED fixture features individual control of the red, green and blue 3W LEDs.


The Mega Moon™ is a 6-channel DMX-512 LED beam effect that features individual control of red, green, blue and white LEDs within each of its four clusters. It offers adjustable strobe speed of the razor-sharp beams. It also offers build-in automated and sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX.


The 4BAR™ is a pack-and-go must have for DJs, bands and other performers who want a complete LED wash light system. This 15-channel DMX system includes a three-pedal foot switch, adjustable tripod, packing bag and transport case. Each of the four low-profile lights can be positioned independently. With 108 red, green and blue LEDs per light, the 4BAR™ offers built-in automated and sound activated programs accessible with or without the foot switch.


The Derby™X is a DMX-512 LED derby effect light, featuring individual control of all 6 LED clusters. Additional features include blackout/static/strobe, built-in automated and sound activated programs, and linkable power for up to 27 units.