Where do I begin?? First of all let me say thank you for making our daughters college graduation party spectacular! For anyone who may be considering having DJ Chad for their entertainment, let me assure you that DJ Chad Lane is a remarkable DJ. He provides the largest collection of music, great light show and brings tons energy to get the crowd moving! He recognizes when the crowd slows and steps up to the mic to keep things rocking!! Such a professional!! Our party plans were not well thought out in advance and found it much harder to find a DJ/Karaoke in the middle of December. After calling every local establishment, we could not find anyone available. I contacted Fawley Music and they recommend DJ Chad Lane. When I contacted him, he was also booked, but did offer a solution. He had an assistant that could stand in for him. I was so happy that he was able to provide us with entertainment. And to our luck DJ Chad was able to come to our event when the booking he had canceled! Not only did he come through at the last minute, but he drove well beyond his territory! Thank you again Mr. Parnell for making our night so special. And for all of those thinking about DJ Chad Lane…Just book him, you will be extremely satisfied!! Thanks again guys and looking forward to seeing you again soon!